Hi! I’m Tanya, although I’ve been seriously contemplating a name change. To my two kids, Alex and Charlotte, I’m mom, mommy, mama, and occasionally a combination of all the aforementioned.  We have a Brady Bunch-esque family: My daughter’s father has two children from a previous marriage, and my son’s father lives in Mexico now, with his current girlfriend and a child on the way. My son has decided that he wants to vlog, and I’ve decided to help him on his journey, although I feel that I needed an artistic outlet as well. My Bland Life is a reference to my ancestral lineage: My 6g grandfather carried the surname Bland; He was a London merchant. Upon doing some research, I discovered the Family Crest and Motto, and felt that it is a very good motto for me to begin following. I have been contemplating full time RV-ing. My son is enjoying the idea of such an adventure, although I have no idea how this is going to come to fruition. So, welcome to my Bland Life!