These are a few of my favorite things….

Wow! Two blogs in one day! Today seemed to run on forever, which happened to be a good thing for me! We woke up to even more snow, but I did manage to trudge out to the car once today, in three layers of clothes, a union suit, two pairs of socks and Andy’s snow boots. Alex is Star Citizen this week, which means he basically has show and tell all week, which they usually don’t do. I actually managed to get him to sit down and color for a while! I have spent so much time on the internet today, trying to plan care packages, find volunteer or donation opportunities, and last minute (but not necessarily) Christmas gifts. I found Alex a decent Action Camcorder so that he can really begin YouTube Videos, since our cell phone camera is really poor quality for that type of activity. Dinner tonight was pretty basic: Salmon with rice and steamed vegetables, and Andy has a craving for my Skillet Chicken Pot Pie, so that’s dinner for tomorrow. As for me, I’m still craving Egg Nog, but because of North Dakota’s Blue Law, Andy couldn’t get it for me last night. But, its okay; I will have some tomorrow! While I was trolling the internet, I did find a website with Amish Bread, and it just so happens I have all the ingredients on hand!Amish Bread Recipe Here!


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