These are a few of my favorite things….

Wow! Two blogs in one day! Today seemed to run on forever, which happened to be a good thing for me! We woke up to even more snow, but I did manage to trudge out to the car once today, in three layers of clothes, a union suit, two pairs of socks and Andy’s snow boots. Alex is Star Citizen this week, which means he basically has show and tell all week, which they usually don’t do. I actually managed to get him to sit down and color for a while! I have spent so much time on the internet today, trying to plan care packages, find volunteer or donation opportunities, and last minute (but not necessarily) Christmas gifts. I found Alex a decent Action Camcorder so that he can really begin YouTube Videos, since our cell phone camera is really poor quality for that type of activity. Dinner tonight was pretty basic: Salmon with rice and steamed vegetables, and Andy has a craving for my Skillet Chicken Pot Pie, so that’s dinner for tomorrow. As for me, I’m still craving Egg Nog, but because of North Dakota’s Blue Law, Andy couldn’t get it for me last night. But, its okay; I will have some tomorrow! While I was trolling the internet, I did find a website with Amish Bread, and it just so happens I have all the ingredients on hand!Amish Bread Recipe Here!


5 Days!!!

Hard to believe its been that long, especially since I considered the idea of this being a daily blog. Our days have been snow-filled and I actually thought yesterday was Thursday instead of Friday. Here, honey, go put your snack in your backpack for tomorrow. Oops! I spent all day attempting to clean and organize, with a small nap in the afternoon, to which I woke up to the house being in the condition it was prior to the day of cleaning. Ahh, the joys of motherhood! Alex’s Cub Scout project is to have a pen pal from an area near where his ancestors are. I’ve been looking for a pen pal in England, since that’s the predominant link in my family. I also found an article that has me prepared for the holiday season. Here it is!         Here are 52 dessert recipes using Egg Nog!

Loved by a Workin’ Man

Hi guys! Had a great day today! Took the kids to Bonanzaville for their “Christmas on the Prairie”. They got to cut cookies at the Finlander’s house, Decorated cookies at the Hagen House, got to make Christmas Cards on an actual printing press….I have such an old soul that I loved it all! We came home and made a gingerbread train, and then I promptly went into a food coma! lol. Woke up and had a small Facebook conversation about respect and trust, and of course that made me want to listen to Pistol Annies. Their music is great, but it seems a little fictitious to me. After all, where do you find men like that?Loved by a Workin’ Man

Days are starting to slip by…

About 3 weeks until Christmas already! We spent the entire afternoon Christmas shopping yesterday, so I’m pleased to say that its all done. Alex got some scout gear that I hope proves to be really useful for him, but essentially we all got gifts that could be kept if we moved into the RV. Charlotte got an Alphabet Floor Mat, tights, pencils, etc. and Alex got a few pairs of pants, his scout gear, and his one Santa item is K’nex. I hope I don’t regret that decision since legos usually get vacuumed. I am finding that I lead a truly boring life! lol. What did you guys buy for Christmas?

Here I am…

Day 5! Technically day 4 because I skipped a day. I’m trying to pass the time with this dreary weather! I have to place an online order to buy the waxes and oils I need for the lotions, bath bombs and body butters. Haven’t received any of the other stuff yet. Anticipation! I’ve been shopping around for a Class C RV and have about 3 events planned for next year. The rest of the family couldn’t care less! Found a new website that I’m absolutely obsessed with! Actually discovered it while researching the Steampunk World’s Fair.   Its called I think I want everything once we get the RV. Maybe it will finally feel like I have something of my own….

Dreary Minnesota Day….

I’m still figuring out how to write a blog and have it post to my blog and not just my welcome page. Lol. My day has pretty much consisted of working on the computer. Alex had just gotten off the bus when I received a call from all the way across the U.S. asking for resume help. For me, resume help almost always turns into Craigslist searches and Walmart Gift Cards. Kindness is hereditary. More thrift store pickups today. Hoping to be able to get funding to get relocated into our building instead of in my garage. Too many projects, not enough time! Who am I kidding, I’ve got nothing but time it seems. Next week, crockpot yogurt and homemade lotions are in the works. I ordered plastic Christmas Ornaments to make bath bombs. That should keep the kids entertained for a few minutes. I had one like on my blog, which prompted me to read their blog, and I can truly see why English was my worst subject in school. Oh well, its fun to attempt to write. At least I think most of my grammar and spelling is correct! 🙂



Yesterday went better than expected, because here I am on day two! I tend to get bored pretty easily, so this blog may last for a month, or I may continue forever! My day started with a trip to the ATM, the grocery store, a Facebook “drug deal” where I bought a Christmas present for my son, while the kids were in the car, and back home where we’ve been trolling Youtube since. I’ve been seeing so many Facebook ads for new subscription boxes and neat handmade items such as wooden rings. Tell me, is there one in particular that you couldn’t live without?


An Intro to My Bland Life

Hi! I’m Tanya, although I’ve been seriously contemplating a name change. To my two kids, Alex and Charlotte, I’m mom, mommy, mama, and occasionally a combination of all the aforementioned.  We have a Brady Bunch-esque family: My daughter’s father has two children from a previous marriage, and my son’s father lives in Mexico now, with his current girlfriend and a child on the way. My son has decided that he wants to vlog, and I’ve decided to help him on his journey, although I feel that I needed an artistic outlet as well. My Bland Life is a reference to my ancestral lineage: My 6g grandfather carried the surname Bland; He was a London merchant. Upon doing some research, I discovered the Family Crest and Motto, and felt that it is a very good motto for me to begin following. I have been contemplating full time RV-ing. My son is enjoying the idea of such an adventure, although I have no idea how this is going to come to fruition. So, welcome to my Bland Life!